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And we're BACK!!

Man, it's been a long time. I guess that's what happens when you set up a blog right after having your third child. Let me give you a few updates.

The book I promised, "Who Said That? A Practical Guide to Hearting and Feeling God for Yourself," was birthed in December 2019. (Click the book image below to go to Amazon). After a year and a half, I completed the book God placed on my heart. It is a process writing a book. It pulls so many things out of you. This was a tough book because I share the testimony of how God brought me through the chaos of family tragedy that began in 2011. God healed so many places in my heart during the process. Fear of failure was defeated! The need for perfection was thrown out the window. You will NEVER publish anything as an author if you strive for perfection. As you grow and change, so will your writing.

Shawn and I have been through a year and a half of intense heart healing. I plan to share parts of our journey as God reminds me. Hopefully you will be encouraged you in your walk and gain some tools to break down barriers and receive all God has for you!

There is so much to share with you...our heart healing journey, the return to college, how we are obeying God's Word to "get into real estate" when we moved to Florida, and so much more!! I have a passion for helping people recognize the voice of God.

A special THANK YOU to BlackTiger Art Graphic Design who created this original cover. Checkout his wife's blog here:

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