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You want me to tell her WHAT?!

Back in 2009, my sister, Alana, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She had lesions all over her brain and they were beginning to make their way down her spinal column. This was devastating news to our entire family. To give you a little back story, my sister and her husband had been disabled for years. She became physically disabled in 2003 and my brother-n-law had been disabled since 1997 when he got electrocuted. (Stories for another day....I promise!) So back to the this diagnosis....

Every doctor we talked to said that MS was not fatal. That's pretty much like saying AIDS isn't fatal. Nobody dies from MS or from AIDS. They die from complications (pneumonia, failing organs, etc.) that result from having these autoimmune diseases. It's a technicality, and a pretty ridiculous one at that.

I was home from college visiting shortly after she received this news. I was praying about it, I truly believed God could heal her and that He would. It was as if this thought was just dropped in my Spirit one day. I didn't hear it outside of myself, but I knew it wasn't from me. I had already determined in my heart to fight for her on my knees if she couldn't fight for herself. I heard these words so clearly inside of me, "Through your sister's death, her kids would be saved." It hit me very hard. Because it came on the heels of this diagnosis, I assumed MS was indeed going to be "the disease from which (s)he would die." 2 Kings 13:14

I was pretty sad about this, but I knew that my sister would willingly lay down her life if it meant her children would be saved and surrender to Jesus. I was planning to keep this to myself, but God had other plans. I didn't know what prophecy was at the time or what it meant to have/give a "prophetic Word" from the Lord. All I knew was that I had heard God speak this to me, and then I heard Him say that I had to tell my mom. I literally said, "WHAT?! You want me to tell her what? That her daughter is going to die and her grandkids will be saved. Because that's going to make it better...." I went back and forth with Him about this. I couldn't shake it so I just did it. I walked to the laundry room on the other side of the trailer and I told my mom that I had to tell her what God told me. I asked her not to be angry with me, but I had to tell her. So I delivered it exactly the way He said it. "Through Alana's death, her kids would be saved." I saw the blood drain from my mom's face. She was angry. She kept saying, "No, no. That can't be right." It was the hardest thing I have ever had to say to someone. She didn't believe me. I didn't believe me, but that became a promise that I held on to for years to come. My niece was involved with witchcraft and both she and her brother struggled with drug/alcohol addiction. God was faithful to His Word!

In another post, I will tell the story of how my sister died. Sometimes we hear things from God in one season and assume that He is referring to things happening now (like MS taking my sister's life). She did not die from MS. God knew it would take something more drastic and traumatic to pull her kids out of the abyss they had fallen into. A bigger wake up call than anything they had ever experienced before in their lives.

I want to hear from y'all!! Share a time where you heard God the clearest you have ever heard Him in the comments below! Doesn't have to be audible.

My sister is on the left and my mom is on my right.

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